BEGO Titan Grade 4

A proven alternative to cobalt-chrome restorations

BEGO Titan Grade 4 is made up of pure titanium and is available for crown and bridge techniques for both anterior and posterior regions. Thanks to its outstanding biocompatibility, titanium is a meaningful alternative in cases of metal intolerance. Titanium is the material of choice, particularly for implant prosthetics, to ensure that as far as possible only one type of alloy is used in the patient’s mouth.

Advantages for you

  • Pure titanium – free of nickel, cadmium, beryllium, and lead
  • Very good mechanical properties: high strength, low weight, high resistance to corrosion, and low heat conductivity
  • Biocompatible, no allergenic effect
  • Can be veneered with ceramic compounds for titanium and with polymeric veneer materials
  • High bond strength as defined by EN ISO 9693-1
  • Can be laser welded


  • Frameworks for partial and fully veneered solutions with up to 16 units and up to three intermediate pontics
  • Fully anatomical crowns and bridges


  • Anatomical occlusal surfaces for fully anatomical crowns and bridges
Chemical composition in %
Ti 100.0
Alloy characteristics  
Density 4.5 g/cm3
Young‘s modulus 125 GPa
0.2 % Proof strength (Rp 0.2) 635 MPa
Ultimate strength (Rm) 755 MPa
Strain after fracture 20%
Hardness (HV 10) About 225
Coef cient to thermal expansion (25 – 500 °C) 9.1 10-6K-1