BEGO Mediloy® M-Co

The BEGO cobalt-chrome milling blanks

Thanks to decades of research and continuous innovation, we are specialists in dental alloys today. Furthermore, we provide market-leading CAD/CAM process expertise. Now we pool our skill sets and pour them into our Mediloy® CAD /CAM alloys. You can rely on our “Made in Germany” top quality!

Economic advantages for your laboratory

The key question: Is Mediloy® M-Co economically viable for my laboratory?

Find out for yourself by calculating your previous costs per milled unit, including tool wear, and comparing them to Mediloy® M-Co.

When using Mediloy® M-Co, after a while you will discover that your costs for tools and their wear are decreasing significantly, thanks to the excellent milling properties of the material.

In addition to these outstanding, approved properties you also benefit from the reliable compatibility of BEGO partial denture alloys, Wirobond® C+ SLM frameworks (e.g., primary crowns) and units milled from Mediloy® M-Co (e.g., crowns/secondary crowns).

Your advantages

  • Approved for crowns and bridges, metal-ceramics as well as implant prosthetics
  • Biocompatible and corrosion-resistant like all BEGO alloys*
  • The special heat treatment used in production provides the user with
    • a reduced tool wear while milling by up to 30%
    • a homogeneous structure – no cavities or porosities
    • a material that is particularly easy to mill
  • Reduced hardness of 290 HV10 enables easier polishing
  • Available without shoulder: height 10 mm; with shoulder: heights 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25 mm
Product details
Composition in % by mass
Co 63.8 · Cr 24.8 · W 5.3 · Mo 5.1 · Si 1.0
Alloy characteristics  
Type (accord. to ISO 22674) 4
Density 8,6 g/cm³
Young’s modulus 235 GPa
0.2% proof strength (Rp 0,2) 375 MPa
Elongation after fracture (A5) 27%
Vickers hardness 290 HV10
Coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) 25 – 500 °C, 10-6 K-1 14,4
Availability Diameter Contents REF
Mediloy® M-Co 10 mm with 98,0 mm 1 piece 50940
Mediloy® M-Co 12 mm with shoulder 98.0 mm 1 piece 50951
Mediloy® M-Co 14 mm with shoulder 98.0 mm 1 piece 50952
Mediloy® M-Co 16 mm with shoulder 98.0 mm 1 piece 50953
Mediloy® M-Co 18 mm with shoulder 98.0 mm 1 piece 50954
Mediloy® M-Co 20 mm with shoulder 98.0 mm 1 piece 50955
Mediloy® M-Co 22 mm with shoulder 98.0 mm 1 piece 50956
Mediloy® M-Co 25 mm with shoulder 98.0 mm 1 piece 50957


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