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Free Production Service for Urgently Needed Parts in the Medical Area

With the latest 3D printing and milling technologies and decades of expertise in the CAD/CAM area, we are now producing components for medical technology that are urgently needed due to the COVID-19 pandemic – free of charge.

If the component that you need is made of metal (cobalt-chrome), titanium or PMMA and meets the requirements listed in the following overview,
please do not hesitate to send us your request.

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Technical Component Requirements
3D printing parts made of metal powder (SLM)High-precision parts (milling process)
(Wirobond® C+)
Titan Grade 4
(BEGO Mediloy® M-Ti4)
Titan Grade 5
(BEGO Mediloy® M-Ti5)
(BEGO Mediloy® M-Co)
(BEGO PMMA Splint / BEGO PMMA Splint E / BEGO PMMA Multicolor)
Max. part size 100 x 100 x 100 mmComponent should fit in a cylinder volume of 92 mm Ø x 18 mm
Possible tolerancesup to +/-100 µmup to +/- 20 µmup to +/- 20 µmup to +/- 20 µmup to +/- 50 µm
Min. wall thickness0.5 mm0.3 mm0.3 mm0.3 mm0.5 mm
Possible surface qualityfinely or coarsely blasted, polishedmilled surface, finely or coarsely blasted, polished

Note: Hybrid production (combination of SLM and milling process) is possible for the CoCr material

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Upon submitting your request, BEGO will evaluate the production possibilities, and get back to you promptly with a response.
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