naturesQue ColAid P

Xenogeneic porcine collagen fleece

The formation of a stable blood clot is important for wound healing. When an open-pored collagen sponge is used, the outstanding hemostatic properties of collagen are at the forefront. Modern collagen sponges act as an initial matrix for tissue healing over the course of healing. The blood clot is stabilized in the defect and the subsequent steps in wound healing can proceed undisturbed.

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Documented patient information on bone reconstruction

Dimensions and regeneration

The special feature of sponge-like collagen products is their ability to absorb many times their own weight in fluid without changing their spatial dimensions. This means that they do not create any pressure or swelling in the defect.

The delicately interwoven collagen fleece preserves and stabilizes the blood clot, acts as a matrix for migrating cells, and supports the generation of new tissue.

Versatile and easy to use

Collagen sponges are suitable for a wide range of applications in both the treatment of soft tissue wounds and in small bony defects such as intact extraction sockets or after root tip resection. Collagen sponges can also be used to protect the sinus membrane during sinus floor elevation.

The stable, open-pored sponge is cut to size and applied when dry.

naturesQue ColAid P put into context

  • Porcine dermis
  • Purified collagen
  • Apply dry to the wound bed
  • When dry, the collagen fleece has a stable and porous spongy structure
  • Wetted, it forms a pressure-sensitive 3D gel
  • Enzymatic after about 2–4 weeks