Mediloy® S-Co

The non-precious alloy for the production of dental restorations

  • Mediloy® S-Co is a type 5 cobalt-based dental alloy – Composition of cobalt, chrome, wolfram and molybdenum – especially developed for the SLM production process
  • The alloy is suitable for the production of dental restorations from metal powders
  • Mediloy® S-Co is supplied as a powder for the SLM process and offers the highest quality for a reliable production process
  • Wide range of indications:
    • Crowns & bridges (including metal ceramic)
    • Partial denture frameworks
    • Implant prosthesis
    • Orthodontic applications

Benefits for you

  • Optimal, reproducible production results thanks to the special development of the metal powder for the additive production of crown and bridge frameworks
  • Excellent flow properties during the production process with its homogeneous particle shape and distribution
  • High level of patient safety and legal security for the laboratory and/or production centre afforded by the approval as a class IIb* medical device
  • Smooth and cavity-free framework surface thanks to the homogeneous, pore-free structure
  • The required material parameters are achieved thanks to specially adjusted heat treatment
  • Extremely stable construction even in long-span bridges with its high proof- and tensile strength
  • Very comfortable for the patient to wear thanks to low heat conductivity (sensitivity to heat/cold)
  • Economical and effective approach in the dental laboratory due to normal cooling after ceramic firing – thanks to the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of 14.0 (25 – 500 °C, 10-6 K-1)
  • Best possible allergy safety with its biocompatible and corrosion resistant materials– free from nickel, cadmium and beryllium
Product details
Composition in % by mass
Co 63.9 · Cr 24.7 · W 5.4 · Mo 5.0 · Si 1.0
Availability Contents REF
Mediloy® S-Co 5 kg bottle 50551

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