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— Nautilus® CC plus | Nautilus® T —

Here you receive the latest software as well as further useful information for the BEGO universal casting devices Nautilus® CC plus/T. To install the software, you will need a clean, FAT 32 formatted USB stick on which the software version can be downloaded.

Note: When installing and updating Nautilus® CC plus or T, please also check the instruction for use of the device.

Updates for Nautilus® CC plus and T
The software installed on the device can be checked using the button "Settings/Information".

Note: Software update from USB stick

  1. Download software version to empty, FAT 32 formatted USB stick
  2. Switch on device, wait until self-test is completed
  3. Insert USB stick on the rear-side of the device
  4. Wait for request for update request and confirm with OK. Update is automatically installed on the device.
  5. The device will restart is performed automatically. Do not switch off the device until the restart is completed.
  6. Remove the stick.
  7. If necessary, check the software version under Settings/Information.

Software update for devices produced from 03-01-2019

Softwareupdate 1.14 – Produced from 2019
Softwareupdates Language
nautilus.1.14.tar.xz Multilingual
Instructions for updating the new software 1.14 EN

Disclaimer of liability

The downloads are designed for use with the BEGO Nautilus® CC plus/T casting units. Use for other purposes and any changes to the programs are not permitted.
Software shall be downloaded from the download section at the user’s own risk. BEGO cannot be made liable if direct or indirect damage occurs during use of the downloads.

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