Our products – our responsibility

Information on the disposal of packaging, old electrical devices and batteries

We are constantly working to minimize waste in our own operations and the environmental impact of our products.  To the extent legally permissible, technically possible and economically feasible, our new products integrate components and materials which which can be used repeatedly and/or  are made from recyclables. The safety of patients and users is always top priority.

We continually strive to make all of our activities and business processes as resource-efficient as possible. BEGO* therefore also stands for responsible use of its products, even beyond the product use life cycle. The sustainable disposal of packaging waste and old devices is therefore particularly important to us. 

* refers to the respective BEGO Group company identified in your contract, on your invoice or order confirmation and based in Bremen (Wilhelm-Herbst-Str. 1, 28359 Bremen, Germany). 

Our responsibility

Waste electrical appliances

We take back old devices purchased from us. Here the components are professionally separated and recycled. In cases where this is not possible, we work with qualified disposal partners.

Within Germany: If the device was purchased in Germany, you have the option of sending your old device back directly to BEGO against payment of the costs. Simply write to us at info©bego.com and we will organize the return transport together.

To protect the goods against transport damage and loss during transport, we recommend stable, transport-safe packaging and traceable, insured return shipping.

Please note that you are responsible for deleting any data stored on the old devices to be disposed of. We will not delete your data.

Outside Germany: If the device was not sold by BEGO, please contact the seller. There you will receive information about correct disposal in your region.

Packaging waste

As manufacturers and retailers, we are aware of our responsibility for packaging. We therefore rely on packaging materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible.

BEGO also pays for the return and recycling of its products. To this end, it has been participating for years in a so-called dual system that finances municipal collection and return locations.

Your responsibility

Waste electrical appliances

Old electrical devices contain both valuable resources that can be reused through recycling, as well as pollutants that can lead to major environmental problems if disposed of improperly.

For this reason, as the owner of old devices, you are obliged to collect them separately from unsorted municipal waste (household waste).

Devices affected by this obligation are marked with the following symbol:

It symbolizes the separate disposal of electrical and electronic devices from unsorted municipal waste.

Packaging waste

Our packaging is provided with instructions for correct disposal. We ask you to follow these instructions. This is the only way to achieve the highest possible recycling rate.

You can dispose of plastic and paper packaging free of charge in the municipal collection (e.g. yellow bin/yellow bag, blue bin) or use the municipal collection and return locations.

Batteries and lamps

Batteries and accumulators contain both valuable resources and pollutants. For this reason, you are obliged to separate old batteries and accumulators that are not enclosed by the old device, as well as lamps that can be removed from the old device without destroying them, from the old device before handing them over to a collection point.

Batteries and accumulators must also be disposed of separately from unsorted municipal waste (household waste).

Used batteries and rechargeable batteries as well as lamps can be returned free of charge to municipal collection points or recycling centers or anywhere in stores where batteries/rechargeable batteries are sold. BEGO is registered with the “Stiftung Elektro-Altgeräte Register” (EAR) with the registration number 15804953. Of course, returns are also possible via the collection systems at our place of business.

All types of batteries are affected, regardless of shape, size, mass, material composition or use. The law also applies to batteries that are installed or included in products.

Devices affected by these obligations are marked with the following symbol:



It symbolizes the separate disposal of electrical and electronic devices from unsorted municipal waste.