BEGO Digital Dentures

Printed high-impact denture bases with VITA* VIONIC VIGO®, the new generation of teeth for digital denture fabrication at the touch of a button for greater efficiency and flexibility

BEGO’s Digital Dentures provides dental laboratories with an efficient option for fabricating full dentures for patients. The validated workflow enables restoration of a natural and aesthetic smile with denture teeth that are specifically developed for digital fabrication. The needs of patients are effectively and reliably satisfied, and dental laboratories benefit from all the advantages of digitalization.

Digital Dentures with the greatest possible functionality

The use of premium high-impact 3D printing materials with low water absorption and excellent fit gives patients a customized restoration with the greatest possible functionality, stability, and reliability. The validated digital workflow ensures process reliability, efficiency, and a high level of productivity for dental laboratories providing the holistic materials ecosystem with digital denture teeth, bonding solution as well as try-in and denture bases. Everything done in five steps only:

  1. Scan and digital model analysis
  2. Tooth selection and CAD design of try-in as well as denture base
  3. Fabrication of the try-in
  4. Fabrication of the denture base
  5. Teeth insertion / finalization

Denture Base with outstanding Aesthetics and Reliability

As a digital 3-layer denture tooth, there are eight upper anterior, four lower anterior, and four upper / lower posterior tooth molds available from the established VITA* VIONIC® VIGO product line in the shades VITA classical A-D A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B3, D3. The set is supplemented by the special two-component bonding solution VITA VIONIC® BOND which provides an efficient and reliable bonding solution for simple, precise, and seamless fixation of the denture teeth in the base.

BEGO denture bases can be easily repaired and relined in the dental laboratory using all conventional and readily available polymer materials.

Focus on Digital Workflow

Thanks to the validated combination of base and tooth, you obtain a well-fitting, high-quality restoration solution, achieving the same standard as conventional fabrication of full dentures in terms of aesthetics and functionality – and with all the benefits of digitalization such as profitability, efficiency, and materials quality.


For questions regarding our BEGO Digital Dentures, please contact your field staff or contact us at:

BEGO Medical GmbH
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Your Benefits

at a Glance

Aesthetic at the Press of a Button

Efficient reproduction of a natural smile using prefabricated teeth with a vibrant play of shades and shape as well as readily accessible digital denture occlusal schemes

Time-Saving Fabrication

Time-saving finalization of the dentures by adhesively fixing of pre-blased teeth without any extra auxiliary steps

Reliable Fabrication

Reliable digital fabrication using a validated materials ecosystem, including the unique bonding solution for precise fixation of the teeth

Increased Productivity

Economical fabrication without any manual / CAM post-processing thanks to a tooth design that has been perfected for the digital workflow


Checking the fit in the tooth compartment

Attaching the denture tooth

Finalising the denture base

3Shape Workflow

exocad Workflow

Product details
Scope of delivery
Complete 28-set: 2× printed base, VITA VIONIC® VIGO tooth sets, VITA VIONIC® Bond
Technical characteristics  
Base color (material: printodent® GR-14.2 denture HI*) orange/pink
Try-in color (material: printodent® GR-21.1 Try-In*) A2
Tooth shades (Material: VITA VIONIC® VIGO*) 0M1; A1; A2; A3; A3,5; B3; D3
Flexural strength of base 82 MPa
Flexural modulus of base 2.100 MPa
Water solubility of base 1,5 µg/mm³
Water absorption of base ≤ 24,8 µg/mm³
Time-saving fabrication
  conventional digital
Time** in min 570 260
Time savings up to 5 hours  
Increased productivity
Considering time** and material costs Cost saving for digital fabrication each 28-set up to € 70.00 €***

* This symbol is a commercial designation / registered trademark of a company which is not part of the BEGO company group.
** Times / costs may deviate depending on the skills of the technician and the fabrication method.
*** without try-in

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