— Product overview —

Partial denture

CAD/CAM-manufactured partial denture frameworks from CoCr or plastic.
Based on your partial denture data set, we manufacture your partial denture framework in the SLM process from cobalt-chrome or in the rapid prototyping process printed from residue-free combustible plastic.

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Crown and bridge prosthetics

It is feasible – with a cooperating partner such as BEGO. Being a pioneer in CAD/CAM technology we can offer you both: maximum freedom of choice in materials as well as processing techniques for every indication. BEGO’s state-of-the-art production center ensures that the finest quality restorations will be returned to you.

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CAD/CAM Double Crowns

Milled and / or SLM-produced telescopic and conical crowns

Double crowns and secondary bar constructions with the advantages of the SLM and milling technology

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Implant prosthetics

BEGO offers a wide range of individual implant prosthetics and thus provides numerous treatment options. The range thus extends from one- and two-piece abutment over bar restorations to implant screwed bridges. BEGO convinces with a large variety of materials.

The production center in Bremen supplies a wide variety of advanced high-precision machines prosthetic components.

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Digital Dentures

Digital full dentures with the greatest possible functionality
The use of premium high-impact 3D printing materials with low water absorption and excellent fit gives patients a customized restoration with the greatest possible functionality, stability, and reliability.

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Orthodondic appliances

SLM produced
The SLM (Selective Laser Melting) procedued orthodontic appliances made out of Wirobond® C+ function as exposures to function elements and/or supports. The spectrum of indications ranges from space maintainer to band elements for Herbst appliances or for palatal expansion.

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The splints are milled at the high-tech production center in Bremen and offer an excellent fit with a high level of detail. The user designs the splints in the CAD software and, after receiving the data, BEGO produces them for the laboratories, using high speed cutting. The highly detailed manufacturing process ensures an excellent fit and minimizes rework and polishing costs for the dental technician.

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Model production

Digital model production using scan LED technology (SLT)
Digital impressions with intraoral scanners call for new approach- es – the evolving digitalisation of dental processes too.

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