BEGO CAD/CAM materials

— Non precious metal alloys —

Wirobond® M+

Milled restorations made of cobalt-chrome
Accurate Wirobond® M+ frames are produced using the high-speed cutting technique at BEGO Medical. The milling process is also used to produce double crowns and implant-based prosthetic restorations.

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Wirobond® C+

Cobalt-chrome restorations produced by the SLM method
The selective laser melting (SLM) procedure, co-invented and patented for the dental industry by BEGO, offers unrivalled quality in the production of metal frames. In the SLM procedure the frames are built up layer by layer by in a protective gas atmosphere.

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BEGO Titan Grade 4

A proven alternative to cobalt-chrome restorations
BEGO Titan Grade 4 is made up of pure titanium and is available for crown and bridge techniques for both anterior and posterior regions. Thanks to its outstanding biocompatibility, titanium is a meaningful alternative in cases of metal intolerance.

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