BEGO Semados® Provisional Implants

The implant system for a rapid temporary restoration

The BEGO Semados® Provisional Implant (PI) was designed for a number of possible different uses.

The possible applications range from interim restorations after a single drill hole is prepared to stabilising bridges or dentures during the healing phase of the definitive implants to relieving loads on augmented areas. Templates for guided surgery in the jaw can also be fixed using the PI. The conical prosthetic interface enables a provisional restoration (cemented or removable) to be fixed using multifunction caps which are polymerised either in the laboratory and chairside into an existing prosthesis or a newly fabricated prosthesis. A bendable zone below the prosthetic interface allows the necessary bending after insertion to align the interface. The common path of insertion that is achieved means that the temporary restoration can be fitted free of tension.

The BEGO Semados® implant is self-tapping with an untreated surface and is manufactured from grade 5 titanium. 

Schematic diagram of a provisional restoration using BEGO Semados® Provisional Implants