Wirosil basic assortment

Duplicating silicone

  • Wirosil is an addition-cured, two component silicone that reproduces exceptionally accurate master models due to its high dimensional stability.
  • With economy flasks and stabilization insert Wirosil ensures easy, reliable duplicating using the minimal amount of material. # Ideal for duplicating milled surfaces in fixed/ removable work.
  • Mixing ratio 1:1.
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Wirosil basic assortment Basic assortment: 1 kg bottle each of Wirosil® 1 + 2 1 Measuring and mixing beaker, 1 spatula 1 Duplicating flask small, 1 duplicating flask large 1 Spray bottle Aurofilm wetting agent 1 Bottle Durofluid model spray 1 Instructions for use 52000
Color blue
Standard DIN EN ISO 14356
Instructions for use
Safety data sheet

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