Fornax FC ceramic crucibles

made from new, innovative special ceramic

  • The new BEGO ceramic crucibles for Fornax set the highest standards.
  • An innovative manufacturing procedure for crucibles that are resistant to high temperature, developed in cooperation with scientific institutes, produces an extremely homogeneous material structure contributing to consistently reproducible accuracy of castings.
  • The exceptionally smooth inner surface of the ceramic crucible facilitates the flow of the molten metal.
  • The high resistance of the new material to thermal fluctuations guarantees a long service life.
  • The new material is sufficiently resistant to withstand aggressive alloys.
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Fornax crucible graphite inserts 1 pack = 6 pieces 52454
Fornax crucible ceramic inserts 1 pack = 6 pieces 52455
Fornax FC ceramic crucibles 1 pack = 6 pieces 52483
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