WIRONIUM® RP Hybrid Partial Denture Frameworks with telescopes

Save time and money with digital one-piece casting!

WIRONIUM® RP Hybrid is our new one-piece removable partial denture including telescoping retention elements, made using our unique WIRONIUM® RP alloy.

  • Precision-fit partial dentures with telescoping connection
  • Save time and costs for joining partial denture and outer telescopes
  • Telescopes and conical crowns with 0° - 6°
  • Set the telescope friction via CAD design
  • Supplied with slight underfitting to allow friction to be individually adjusted
  • Hybrid production using SLM (Selektive Laser Melting) and milling
  • Delivery in high gloss polished condition
  • Pore-free partial denture frameworks through industrial production process


  • Model cast dentures and model cast reinforcements with double crowns for for upper and lower jaw


Please note possible restrictions regarding the CAD software:
exocad: supported
3shape: expected from version 2023
Dentalwings: unsupported

Product details
Chemical composition
Co 66.2 · Cr 28.2 · Mo 5.5 · N < 1
Alloy characteristics  
Density 8.5 g/cm³
Modulus of elasticity 235 GPa
0.2 % elongation limit (Rp0,2) 800 MPa
Tensile strength (Rm) 1,300 MPa
Ductile yield (A5) 13 %
Hardness (HV10) 395

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