For Platform Switch Implants

— e.g. RS/RSX implants —


The internal taper connection with 45° medium taper angle and internal hex anti-rotation protection, tried and tested for over 20 years, was introduced with the launch of the first BEGO Semados® implants.

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CAD/CAM prostheses

BEGO Implant Systems offers a variety of options for creating individual CAD/CAM prosthetics or having them created by BEGO Medical GmbH.

Adhesive bases with angled screw channels, precise CAD positioners and a large selection of individual CAD/CAM accessories are available for all Semados® implant systems.

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Crowns and bridges

Depending on clinical requirements and preferences, BEGO Implant Systems offers various options for creating cemented or screw-retained crown or bridge restorations. With the new Esthetic Line product line, we support your efforts to offer your patients the best possible function and aesthetics.

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MultiPlus restoration

With the MultiPlus system, BEGO Implant Systems offers you a concept for tissue level restorations for the edentulous and partially edentulous jaw. Transmucosal inserts avoid abutment changes and support, for example, treatment concepts for edentulous jaws with immediate provisional restoration with a reduced number of implants.

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Hybrid restoration

To ensure the optimal anchoring of implant-supported complete dentures, Semados® implant systems boast a wide selection of components with various anchoring types and geometries for individual patient cases. 

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