BEGO Semados® RI implants

The BEGO Semados® RI implant is the high-performance implant for special cases. The conical base shape ensures optimal primary stability thanks to the condensing thread flanks and the parallel microthread.

The laterally aligned thread flanks adapt to the pre-shaped cavities, ensuring an excellent fit. In the case of poor bone quality, the implant/bone contact rate can be increased – as with a bone chisel – using non-ablative thread formers, for improved mechanical stability. 

As with the BEGO Semados® SC/SCX, or RS/RSX implant, the prosthetic interface is a combination of a conical (45° taper) and an anti-rotation (deep hex) implant-abutment connection with Platform switch design. The prosthetic components of the two types are therefore compatible.

RI-Line indications

  • Suitable for use in the upper and lower jaw

The BEGO Semados® RI implant system is the specialist you need for professional success and customer satisfaction – even in tricky situations. Catalogue numbers and additional information can be obtained from our product overview or directly from your specialist system representative.