BEGO Guide surgical guides

Quick and easy fully guided surgery

BEGO Guide surgical guides – Safe. Easy. Impantation.

BEGO Guide surgical guides are the optimal supplement to the BEGO Semados® implant system.

Maximum flexibility – low costs

  • Pilot drill hole or fully guided
  • Tooth or mucosa supported
  • Optional transgingival, minimally invasive surgery possible
  • Including digital wax-up on request*
  • Upon request, design and fabrication of a temporary restoration based on the implant planning.*

No need to have your own planning software

Order your proposed plans in the BEGO Guide order portal we’ll do the planning for you!

Planning for implant systems from all manufacturers

Planning services for BEGO Semados® implants and implant systems from other manufacturers.

Pilot guides

  • For the pilot drill hole
  • Compatible with every implant system
  • Sleeves with 2 mm diameter

Fully guided surgery

  • For fully guided insertion of BEGO Semadoss® S/SC/SCX/RS/RSX implants
  • Fitted with BEGO Guide master sleeves
  • Guided drilling of all drilling steps
  • Defined depth stop

BEGO Security Plus for even greater security

5 year warranty for restorations with BEGO Semados® implants and their prosthetic components

  • Can be selected in the ordering process in the BEGO Guide order portal

Pilot guides
Register at and you will receive your personal access data.

Create a patient case and upload the CT/CBCT data

  • Create the case and provide details of the individual planning requirements
  • Upload the CT/CBCT data to the portal or send in a data CD
  • Ship the model using the collection service
  • Your individual proposed plan is prepared

Expert review and sign-off of the plan

  • Proposed plan is ready for viewing and expert review
  • Online session possible for required changes
  • Plan is signed off in the portal
  • Guides are produced in Bremen
  • Surgical guides are shipped in just a few days

* optional scan and design service (additional charge)