Cast restorations based on CAD data

  • Diverse range of precious-metal alloys
  • Not necessary to store cost-intensive precious-metal alloys in the laboratory
  • The cost-effective combination of digital design and conventional casting technique
  • Only actual consumption calculated – particularly cost-effective


  • Frames for partially and fully veneered solutions with up to seven units
  • Fully anatomical crowns and bridges with up to 7 units and up to four pontics
  • Two-piece abutments

Selected BEGO precious and non-precious alloys

  • At the respective day rate; please request the latest price (Tel. +49 421 2028-251)
CAD/Cast® alloys
  • AuroLloyd® KF
  • Bio PontoStar®
  • BEGO EcoLine AU
  • Bio PontoStar® XL
  • BEGO EcoLine K
  • ECO d’OR
  • BEGO EcoLine LFC
  • PlatinLloyd® M
  • BegoPal® 300
  • Pontonorm
  • BegoPal® S
  • PontoLloyd® G
  • BegoStar®
  • PontoLloyd® P
  • BegoStar® LFC
  • Bio PlatinLloyd®
  • PlatinLloyd® 100

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