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naturesQue — the new regeneration material from BEGO Implant Systems

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The Bremen implant manufacturer is launching a new range of products

The naturesQue regeneration materials combine the strengths of their natural origins with the expertise of science and medicine. The user has access to a range of bone substitute materials and collagen products for tissue regeneration.

In the area of bone substitute materials, naturesQue has two options:

  1. A xenogeneic material derived from porcine cancellous bone with a highly porous structure that provides ample room for new bone
  2. A xenohybrid bone substitute material derived from bovine cancellous bone that is coated with a polymer mix and collagen fragments, resulting in a completely resorbable material with outstanding elastic mechanical properties

In the area of collagen products, naturesQue has three options:

  1. A stable porcine barrier membrane to protect the augmentation material
  2. A porcine collagen fleece that retains its 3D structure, stabilizes the blood clot, and acts as a hemostatic agent
  3. Microfibrillar bovine collagen, which, when wetted, forms a highly viscous gel and acts as a hemostatic agent

The new product range will be accompanied by an exceptional media campaign. The essence of nature in expert hands — the key principle behind naturesQue grew into a marketing campaign that plays around with unusual animal themes in a surprising way, conveying their symbolic meaning into today’s world.

For years BEGO Implant Systems has implemented the system concept in the field of implant dentistry. To this end, the implant manufacturer collaborates with partners in certain areas so that we can always offer products that are at the peak of dental technology.
As part of our OWN brand label strategy, we create synergistic partnerships with manufacturers, linking their specific expertise in the area of innovative regenerative biomaterials and the expertise of BEGO Implant Systems as a developer, manufacturer, and distributor of dental implants.

BEGO Implant Systems is launching its new naturesQue product range.
BEGO Implant Systems is launching its new naturesQue product range.