Wirobond® C+

Cobalt-chrome restorations produced by the SLM method

The selective laser melting (SLM) procedure, co-invented and patented for the dental industry by BEGO, offers unrivalled quality in the production of metal frames. In the SLM procedure the frames are built up layer by layer by in a protective gas atmosphere. The microstructured surface with reduced oxide formation of the Wirobond® C+ alloys guarantees a high shear bond strength and thus optimal bonding properties for the veneering. Of course, Wirobond® C+ can also be veneered with composites.

Advantages for you

  • Optimal material characteristics of a cobalt-chrome alloy
  • The SLM procedure guarantees a homogeneous and extremely dense structure for secure ceramic veneering
  • Controlled manufacturing process – for stress-free frames and outstanding accuracy of fit
  • Nickel- and beryllium-free
  • Proven to have no cytotoxic or allergic potential


  • Frames for partially and fully veneered solutions with up to 16 units and up to two pontics
  • Fully anatomical crowns and bridges


  • Anatomical occlusal surface


  • C&B tertiary frame
  • Retention per segment

Two-piece abutments made of Wirobond® C+ are also available.

Chemical composition in %
Co 63,9 · Cr 24,7 · W 5,4 · Mo 5,0 · Si
Alloy characteristics  
Type (accord. to ISO 22674) 5
Density 8.6 g/cm3
0.2 % Proof strength (Rp 0.2) 1090 MPa
Ultimate strength (Rm) 1315 MPa
Young‘s modulus 215 GPa
Solidus / liquidus temperature 1380;1420°C
Coef cient to thermal expansion (RT – 500 °C) 14.3 10-6K-1
Coef cient to thermal expansion (RT – 600 °C) 14.5 10-6K-1

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