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Posthodontic Solutions


Guarantees more …

For dentists like Dr med. Mathias Siegmund the sustainable patient loyalty tops the wish list for long-term practical success. Along the way, implantation not only requires high-quality care, but also the confidence and sense of security of the patient, such as a warranty extension that includes dentist’s fees, labour and material costs. In an interview, the specialist dentist from Regensburg reports on the all-inclusive no-risk guarantee of BEGO SECURITY Implants.

Dr Siegmund, in addition to personal and indication-based information, what details do you think are important for your patients?

In addition to providing in-depth advice and treatment options, I always offer my patients tips on how to care for and maintain the implants. I point out the need for recall appointments and professional teeth cleaning. Another important aspect is the possibility of an extended guarantee agreement, which is linked to regular check-ups and cleaning.

What is your motivation to offer your patients an extended warranty for implantological restorations and what does "extended" mean?

In addition to the statutory warranty for my work, the dental laboratory and the materials used, there is the option to cover all financial risks for the patient by means of a comprehensive warranty extension and also extending the warranty to five years. Of course, although we assume a much longer durability of the implantological work, this gives the patient additional security.

How do you argue in favour of that with your patients?

We are so confident in our work and the product used that the extended five-year warranty is just one additional argument that would make the patient decide in favour of implantological work. Our practice provides the patient with the costs of BEGO SECURITY Implants warranty extension as a service.

What advantages do you see from the scope of BEGO SECURITY Implants?

This BEGO Implants restoration warranty covers all prosthodontic components and CAD / CAM-manufactured custom abutments and their integrated dentures. The warranty is valid for five years from the date of implantation and includes my fee and all laboratory and material costs in the event of a claim. The cost for this service will be borne by us.

The benefits for the patient are clear, but how does it benefit you as a dentist?

As a dentist I have the certainty that in case of damage my relationship with the laboratory and the suppliers remains financially unencumbered. The entire supply chain remains free of unnecessary burdens, has little effort on documentation and continues to work in a trusting relationship with the manufacturer. So everyone can concentrate on the important aspect, namely the well-being of the patient.

How well-informed are the patients in terms of implant, durability and guarantees?

Rather less. However, there is a trend to become more secured, similar to cell phone and eyeglass insurance. An implant treatment is costly for many patients and the option of an extended warranty is truly a reassuring factor and a plus point.

What effort do you take in your practice?

Very little. None of the participants has to sign a contract, the patient receives a warranty sticker from our practice for his warranty certificate, and that is the end of the matter. To receive the guarantee, patients have to come to us twice a year for a recall and the associated professional tooth cleaning. Besides, this is a good instrument to develop a bond with the patient.

Have you experienced cases that have been settled positively with BEGO SECURITY?

Luckily, I haven't For me this is always an indication of the quality of the products from BEGO Implant Systems. However, I also know from colleagues that the claims settlement process is quick and uncomplicated.

How do you see the future development of such additional services for implant restorations?

To me, these are valuable elements in the concept of patient care, which offer patients as well as all other participants a better security of care. The industry could also offer this in other areas.


Dr Siegmund, thank you very much for the interview.