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BEGO Chronology

— 2008 – 1996 —


  • Joachim Weiss celebrates his 80th birthday and publishes a 350-page long BEGO company chronicle: "Questioning the status quo" (only available in German).
  • Product innovations at this year’s IDS: Motova mixing units, Nautilus® CC plus, Gelovit 400. BEGO Security and BEGO FAIR FINANCE are launched and immediately accepted by customers. 
  • Over 900 guests are welcomed aboard the MS Rhine Energy during the IDS. The logistics project kicks off, restructuring of business divisions. 


  • At the Olympic Games in Athens, BEGO runs its own dental practice in the Deutsches Haus (official residence of the German Olympic team). 
  • The initiative elicits considerable attention from the trade journals. 
  • The 6th BEGO DIALOGE is held in Berlin. 
  • "BEGO – the film" is released. An impressive company presentation in DVD form. 
  • BegoLLoyd® LFC completes the precious metals range with an alloy for low-fusing dental ceramics. 


  • This year at the IDS: for the first time BEGO Medical attends the world’s leading dental show with its own stand. 
  • BEGO launches the innovative Nautilus® CC and a new generation of lasers – LaserStar T and LaserStar PW. 
  • Other milestones:
    • The founding of BEGO France, BEGO Semados® goes independent.
    • The "Go for gold" design now characterises the overall corporate image.
    • Bio PontoStar® XL rounds off the precious metals portfolio.
    • By now 40% of precious metal sales are made online.
    • Publication of "Precision Milling and Partial Denture Constructions" 


  • The BEGO DIALOGE at the Düsseldorf Hilton in November is one of the year’s main highlights. 
  • BEGO Medical is presented to the wider public. 
  • In Paris BEGO attends the ADF with its own stand for the first time. 
  • China and Russia continue to grow in significance as export countries. 
  • Phasing in of customer management program ADITO. 
  • BEGO becomes an Olympic sponsor and co-partners the German Olympic team. 
  • Joachim Weiss is awarded an honorary medal by the University of Bremen. 
  • The academia · dental is founded. 
  • The Virtual Academy appears on CD for the first time.  


  • IDS highlights: 
    • Fornax® T, the desktop solution for one of the most successful casting units in existence.
    • Wirobond® LFC, a new non-precious alloy.
    • Wiroquick® neu and BellaCer – new investment materials.
    • New blasting unit design.
    • Public launch of Futuredent.
    • New eye-catching "Go for gold" exhibition stand design.
    • Despite the Rhine’s dramatically high level at Cologne, the two BEGO floating hotels welcome more than 1,200 guests.
    • A new marketing structure is established.
    • BDC is founded, initially in Hungary. 


  • Popularity of the BEGO homepage continues to grow with over 100 visitors a day. 
  • Two online shops – BEGO GOLD and SEMADOS® – are launched. 
  • They are a huge success from the outset. 
  • New GOLD advertising campaign: "Go for gold". 
  • LaserStar LYNX consolidates the success of BEGO lasers. 
  • Wirtschaftswoche magazine names Christoph Weiss, BEGO’s managing director, one of the "Future Elite". 


  • BEGO presents outstanding innovations at the IDS: 
  • Nautilus® T, the vacuum pressure casting device as a Desktop solution. 
  • Wiron® NT, a new non-precious alloy manufactured using the sintering method. 
  • The Easy line of equipment is launched with the new EasyBlast blasting unit and the EasyMix stirrer. 
  • BellaStar is the new star in the investment material sky, an innovative K + B embedding material with a completely new formula. 
  • VITA and BEGO start the VIGO LIBERTY project, the first dual ceramic alloy system with the freedom of choice of alloy. 
  • Semados® presents the Ø5.5 mm implant and a new insertion technique. 


  • Expansion of BEGO's Internet presence to over 1,000 documents. Almost 100 visitors a day to BEGO's pages are counted. 
  • The BEGO catalogue appears for the first time on CD-ROM. 
  • Changeover from Beikis to Baan as mainframe computer solution.