Selective Laser Melting (SLM)

The additive procedure for the manufacturing of crown-, bridge and partial denture frameworks and implant prosthetics

The SLM procedure, co-invented and patented by BEGO offers unparalleled quality in the production of individual, complex metal frameworks. A laser is used to fuse the material together to form a virtually pore-free structure with the best material properties.

The process guides a laser based on your CAD data. Based on the indication, the laser builds the framework layer by layer from the select metal powder (Mediloy® S-Co or Mediloy® RPD) in an additive process.

BEGO has been using this technology for more than 20 years to manufacture crowns and bridge frameworks from Wirobond® C+, dispatch and process them in the dental laboratory where they are veneered with ceramic.

With the BEGO powder alloys Mediloy® S-Co and Mediloy® RPD, BEGO offers two alloy powders for the production of high quality dental restorations in SLM systems in the dental laboratory or production centre.

Mediloy® S-Co and Mediloy® RPD were developed based on the long-established and trusted BEGO cast alloys and optimised for the SLM production process.


  • Top material properties and outstanding alloy density
  • Tension-free frameworks
  • Excellent precision of fit
  • Controlled production techniques ensure high compatibility with all major ceramic systems

Ideal for

  • Crowns and bridges up to 14 units made out of Wirobond® C+
  • Telescopic crowns