Selective Laser Melting (SLM)

This procedure, developed and patented by BEGO, offers unequalled quality when fabricating metal frameworks. Your CAD data is used to control the laser which melts metallic powder layerby-layer to build up the framework. Wirobond® C+ alloy, which has been proven millions of times, is employed and provides you with a previously unattained level of safety.

Thanks to its microstructured surface and reduced oxidation, this procedure automatically ensures high shear bond strength thus, also ensuring that the ceramic veneer bonds optimally. In addition, the lasering process fuses the material so thoroughly that a density of almost 100 % is attained together with top tensile strength values.


  • Top material properties and outstanding alloy density
  • Tension-free frameworks
  • Excellent precision of fit
  • Controlled production techniques ensure high compatibility with all major ceramic systems

Ideal for

  • Crowns and bridges up to 14 units made out of Wirobond® C+
  • Telescopic crowns