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The BEGO International Sales Symposium 2020 under the Motto "BOOSTING PERFORMANCE"

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BEGO, the dental specialist from Bremen, invited its international trading partners from January 21st to 22nd, 2020 to the 56th BEGO International Sales Symposium (BISS) in the hanseatic city of Bremen under the motto "BOOSTING PERFORMANCE".

Christoph Weiss, the Managing Partner of the BEGO Group, opened this year's dealer conference and welcomed about 100 guests from 30 different countries. Jürgen Schultze, International Sales Director at BEGO Bremer Goldschlägerei and BEGO Medical and Hendrik Eichner, International Sales Director at BEGO Implant Systems, also welcomed the participants and commented on this year's motto "BOOSTING PERFORMANCE". First, Jürgen Schultze introduced the different meanings of the word “performance” and explained the different implications of performance management. “How do you use and monitor performance management within your organization? Are your managers accountable for their team´s performance? Do you celebrate individual employee success or do you look at how teams are performing? Our guest speakers will give us some answers and bring the details closer to us.” Schultze said. 

Guest speaker Frank Rehme, Founder and Partner at gmvteam GmbH, presented the international sales partners with “News from the Neurosales Area”, noting that “not all people are our customers, but all our customers are people”. He introduced numerous customer-targeting strategies and discussed the necessity to connect with them, to address them directly and to put their needs in the first place.

The lecture was followed by several interesting workshops held by experts from BEGO and BEGO Implant Systems. The participants could choose, according to their field of interest, whether they wanted to learn more about the conventional and digital workflows, more specifically Intraoral Scanner Selection or CAD/CAM Implant Prosthetics, discover the new products and updates of BEGO Implant Systems or participate to a workshop about practical cases of patients and practice marketing.

Closing the first day of the BISS, the participants listened to reports and market case studies from fellow international trade partners before reviewing the day in a relaxed atmosphere during the evening get-together at the Restaurant “blaufeuer” of the Steigenberger Hotel Bremen.

On the second day, Fabio D´Agata, Director of Spat verandert, guided the participants through the topic of “Intelligent Movement”. He explained that, in order to reduce mental and physical complaints and to improve creativity and productivity, one needs to get in touch with the own body. The way the body moves has also an impact on the behavior. By regulating the body´s movements, one can have more control over the own personal behavior. He illustrated his arguments with some stimulating exercises that the participants could try out right on site.

The day continued with different workshops about milling and metal printing, patient marketing, 3D printing, conventional solutions and events, marketing news and online platform. During the workshop about 3D printing, BEGO unveiled the world´s first hybrid material for the 3D printing of permanent restorations VarseoSmile Crown plus. As a special surprise, all participants received one 3D printed crown and could convince themselves about the quality of the new product.

The participants of the 56th BISS eagerly awaited the ceremony of the Wilhelm-Herbst-Awards for outstanding marketing and sales performances for BEGO products in 2019. These were bestowed to the trading partners Blue Laser Lines SRL from Romania, Dental Torque LDA from Portugal and ESTETIKA LTD from Greece.

The 56th BISS was crowned by a spectacular evening event at the GOP Varieté Theater, where the participants could enjoy fabulous food and a magical show.

Under the motto "BOOSTING PERFORMANCE", the participants of this year's dealers conference were offered exciting lectures, workshops as well as an intensive exchange with each other and with the BEGO experts
Under the motto "BOOSTING PERFORMANCE", the participants of this year's dealers conference were offered exciting lectures, workshops as well as an intensive exchange with each other and with the BEGO experts