Thermoplastic splints made of BEGO PMMA Splint E

Milled splints made of BEGO PMMA Splint E are characterized by their thermoplastic flexibility. This results in a highly precise adaption to the teeth situation and a high level of impact strength for guaranteed stability and long-term durability in the patient’s mouth. Furthermore the self-adjustable splint is extremly break-resistant and has a high level of transparancy.

Milled occlusal splint from BEGO PMMA Splint

BEGO PMMA Splint is an occlusal splint out of highly cured fill-, fibrous- and contraction free PMMA with a low residual monomer content to ensue high technical standards. BEGO PMMA Splint is used for splints for functional diagnostics and therapeutic treatment in case of mandibular joint problems.