VarseoSmile Temp

The resin for 3D printing of temporary crown and bridge constructions

  • The specially developed printing and processing parameters ensure smooth production sequences with reproducible results at any time
  • Very good fit and simple finishing due to smooth surfaces of the printed objects
  • Outstanding dimensional stability and strength –  thus precise and dimensionally stable fit for the patient
  • Objects can be customized by means of stains e.g. els paintart* (from Saremco Dental AG, Switzerland)
  • CE mark certifies safety, performance and constant monitoring of the resin – it stands for comprehensive quality of the product across all batches
  • Biological compatibility tests verified by neutral institutes guarantee monitored safety for each patient
  • Fulfils the requirements for a medical device of class IIa**
Product details  
Color A2 Dentin, A3 Dentin, C2 Dentin
Modulus of elasticity ≥ 2,000 MPa
Density ca. 1,4 – 1,5 g/cm3
Layer thickness 50 μm
Viscosity 2.500 – 6.000 mPa*s
Notched impact strength ≥ 15 %
Flexural strength ≥ 80 MPa
Wavelength 405 nm
Availability Contents Presentation Quantity REF
VarseoSmile Temp,
A2 Dentin
0,5 kg Bottle 1 41022
VarseoSmile Temp,
A3 Dentin
0,5 kg Bottle 1 41023
VarseoSmile Temp,
C2 Dentin
0,5 kg Bottle 1 41024

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* This symbol is a commercial designation/registered trademark of a company which is not part of the BEGO company group.

** Class IIa medical device as defined by Directive 93/42/EEC

Images and illustrations are examples; colors, symbols, designs and information on the depicted labels and/or packaging may differ from reality.