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Tailored Solutions for Dental 3D Printing – BEGO Unveils Its Brand New Varseo 3D Printing System

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In time for the IDS 2019, BEGO presents its new Varseo 3D printing system. In addition to the existing Varseo S, newly tailored 3D printing solutions and materials are being released. The big highlight is the compact DLP 3D printer Varseo XS.

At the IDS 2019, BEGO, the dental specialist from Bremen, unveils its new Varseo 3D printing system. "The high dental technology requirements regarding precision, safety and reproducibility of 3D printing solutions differ considerably from those of other application fields," says Olga Marbach, Product Manager for 3D printing at the BEGO Bremer Goldschlägerei. Therefore, the Varseo 3D printing system was specially developed with and for dental laboratories. It consists of a coordinated portfolio of 3D printers, a light-curing device, scientifically tested materials, software tools and services. The Varseo 3D printing system offers labs the means to achieve fast, simple and cost-efficient fabrication of a wide range of restorations made from resins and ceramic filled hybrids.

In addition to the already proven Varseo S, BEGO will be presenting three new 3D printers at the IDS:

  • Varseo XL: The high-speed 3D printer Varseo XL with LED matrix technology has a large building plate and will draw visitors’ attention with its outstanding building speed, unprecedented precision even in a multilayer arrangement and the ability to automate the post process.
  • Varseo M: The mid-size DLP 3D printer Varseo M with its unique cartridge system – specially developed for a variety of dental uses, has a 10 % larger building plate and 25-50 % faster printing speed than the Varseo S.
  • Varseo XS: The Varseo XS is a compact, cost-effective DLP 3D printer and was specially developed for dental uses. With a printing speed of 30mm/h, regardless of the number of elements to be produced and its handy construction plate it is ideal for the printing of permanent crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers and teeth as well as temporary restorations, CAD/Cast frameworks, overpress templates and even small models.

All information about the BEGO Varseo 3D printing system can be found here.

Auf der IDS 2019 präsentiert BEGO ihren neuen kompakten DLP 3D-Drucker, den Varseo XS.
Auf der IDS 2019 präsentiert BEGO ihren neuen kompakten DLP 3D-Drucker, den Varseo XS.