Varseo Smart Veneering with VarseoSmile Crown plus

— Simply intelligent —

Smart Veneering is the intelligent use of digital design and manufacturing capabilities to produce hybrid restorations that combine the outstanding properties of VarseoSmile Crown plus, such as esthetics, antagonist friendliness and damping effect, with the high stability of metal frameworks. Digital planning of 3D-printed veneer and SLM-manufactured, milled or cast metal framework enables efficient and versatile fabrication of therapy-supporting works on residual teeth, telescopes or implants. The hybrid structure of Smart Veneering works also allows scaling of the object size from small bridges to large-span restorations of the entire jaw.

Save time and effort

  • One scan, two designs: create metal bridge and veneer in a combined design process in minutes
  • Have the metal bridge produced conveniently, cost-effectively and with maximum precision at BEGO using the SLM or milling process
  • 3D print instead of veneering: Veneer your metal frameworks with 3D printed veneers in a fraction of the time usually required for manual veneering with ceramics or composites

Advanced material properties

  • The veneer made of VarseoSmile Crown plus is antagonist-friendly has a dampening effect
  • No chipping
  • With its ceramic filling, VarseoSmile Crown plus exhibits high abrasion resistance
  • Available in seven VITA Classical® Shade Guide shades and Bleach
  • Excellent esthetics due to balanced translucency and almost natural fluorescence
  • Quick and easy to customize

Scalable size

  • High stability of the restoration due to the metallic substructure
  • Freely scalable size of the restoration up to the complete jaw
  • Applicable on residual tooth, telescopic crowns or implants

Application examples & patient cases

Optimze the digital workflow with VarseoSmile Crown plus


Telescopig denture with VarseoSmile Crown plus veneers*


  • Extraction of tooth 24 and of teeth 12 and 22 due to advanced tissue loss.
  • Systematic periodontitis therapy
  • New telescopic denture for teeth 16, 15, 13, 23, 27

All in one design

  • Anatomically reduced secondary framework that rests on primary crowns
  • VarseoSmile Crown plus chosen for anatomical structure


  • Primary crowns on printed model
  • Ready made telescopic denture with printed VarseoSmile Crown plus veneers and conventional base material

Clinical situation

  • Fully digital made denture
  • Has been in place withouth any issues for more than half a year now

Long-term provisional for implant therapy

  • The supporting teeth of an existing bridge construction were severely damaged. Teeth 13, 11, 22, 23 had to be extracted. Based on the intraoral scan, a split-file design for metal bridge with Smart Veneering was created.
  • The bridge structure was manufactured by BEGO using SLM 3D printing.
  • The veneering was 3D printed from VarseoSmile Crown plus in the dental laboratory and bonded to the opaque metal bridge.
  • The work serves as a fixed long-term temporary restoration to bridge healing phases in the context of implant therapy planned for the definitive restoration.

Pictures & Case: Christof Hafermann – Praxislabor Biebl+Knapp

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