VarseoSmile Teeth

The ceramic-filled 3D printing material for esthetic and durable denture teeth


  • Strong bond with 3D-printed denture bases and cold polymer denture bases
  • The ceramic filling ensures high abrasion resistance of the denture teeth printed from VarseoSmile Teeth
  • Physically stabilized resin – no need to mix the resin in the in resin vat even after prolonged non-use


  • Esthetic denture teeth due to the very good ratio of opacity and translucency as well as the almost natural fluorescence
  • For an even more natural look, the printed denture teeth can be characterized with veneering and staining techniques
  • Available in 5 VITA ** shades and in BEGO Bleach shade


  • Cost-effective and efficient fabrication of full and partial dentures in the digital workflow with VarseoSmile Teeth with reproducible results at any time
  • Easy to grind and polish with standard tools
  • Less than 0.7% shape deviation when bonding to the denture base guarantee fluid workflows and high-quality work results
Product details
Color A1, A2, A3, B1, C2, BL
Max. dimensional deviation by bonding < 0,7 %
Density ca. 1,4 – 1,5 g/cm³
Flexural strength ≥ 100 MPa
Article details
Availability Contents REF
VarseoSmile Teeth A1 1 kg bottle 41144
VarseoSmile Teeth A2 1 kg bottle 41145
VarseoSmile Teeth A3 1 kg bottle 41146
VarseoSmile Teeth B1 1 kg bottle 41147
VarseoSmile Teeth C2 1 kg bottle 41148
VarseoSmile Teeth BL 1 kg bottle 41149
VarseoSmile Teeth A1 250 g bottle 41154
VarseoSmile Teeth A2 250 g bottle 41155
VarseoSmile Teeth A3 250 g bottle 41156
VarseoSmile Teeth B1 250 g bottle 41157
VarseoSmile Teeth C2 250 g bottle 41158
VarseoSmile Teeth BL 250 g bottle 41159

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