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The Varseo XS 3D printing system

The high dental technology requirements regarding precision, safety and reproducibility of 3D printing solutions differ considerably from those of other application fields.

BEGO is a long-established family company with more than 130 years of dental expertise, a pioneer of CAD/CAM technology with more than 20 years of experience in the field of 3D printing, and a specialist in all dental fabrication techniques. The BEGO Varseo system offers you:

  • a system specially developed for and with dental experts
  • the means to achieve fast, simple and cost-efficient fabrication of a wide range of restorations made from resins and ceramic filled hybrids – in your own laboratory and with complete flexibility and unrivalled precision
  • validated processes from scanning to finishing.

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Definitive. Fast. Aesthetic.

VarseoSmile Crown plus

The ceramic filled hybrid material for 3D printing of permanent restorations

Varseo Smart Veneering

Varseo Smart Veneering is the intelligent use of digital design and fabrication capabilities to veneer metal frameworks in a fraction of the time it would take using conventional procedures.

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Varseo XS

The compact DLP 3D printer specially developed for dental uses

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TOP 100 – Top-Innovator 2022TOP 100 – Top-Innovator 2016

Varseo Cure

For fast and effective polymerization of light-curing resins

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