Broadly positioned: BEGO 3D printing materials validated for a wide range of 3D printing suppliers

For more than 20 years, the Bremen-based dental specialist BEGO has been active as a pioneer in dental 3D printing and continues to set new standards in this field. VarseoSmile Crown plus is the world's first approved ceramic-filled hybrid material for 3D printing of permanent restorations. It is one of the latest milestones and, along with other BEGO 3D printing materials, it is already qualified for a broad range of 3D printers from renowned suppliers – and the trend is still rising.

In early 2020, BEGO launched the world's first approved tooth-coloured, ceramic-filled hybrid material for 3D printing of definitive restorations. The restoration spectrum of the biocompatible material of medical device class IIa, which is offered in 7 VITA* shades as well as in BEGO Bleach, ranges from crowns on natural teeth and abutments to inlays, onlays and veneers to veneers on metal frameworks.

VarseoSmile Crown plus has excellent mechanical properties, that are on par with traditional crown materials and which are confirmed by scientific studies from renowned universities. Combined with efficient 3D printing workflows, patients can receive aesthetic and long-lasting restorations 3D printed by their dentists or their lab partners within a few hours on the same day – at a material cost of only a few euros.

In addition to the development of new innovative 3D printing materials, such as for denture teeth and permanent bridge restorations, the validation of VarseoSmile Crown plus and other BEGO resins for various dental 3D printers is a central component of BEGO's research and development activities.

"Our cooperation partners belong to the ?Who is Who? of dental 3D printing," reports Thomas Kwiedor, Head of Business Development 3D Printing at BEGO. Formlabs*, SprintRay*, Asiga*, Ackuretta*, Microlay*, Dekema*, WhipMix* and EnvisionTEC* are the renowned suppliers for whose (mostly diverse) 3D printer models as well as cleaning and post-curing devices VarseoSmile Crown plus and additionally other BEGO 3D printing materials are already validated.

Together with the Varseo XS, BEGO thus offers users in almost all regions of the world the opportunity to use the convincing digital 3D printing workflow and produce high-quality restoration solutions from BEGO materials for their customers and patients.

"We are working intensively to qualify our materials for further system components from existing partners and also from other 3D printing suppliers. After all, our goal is to make our unique material portfolio and the corresponding benefits available to the widest possible circle of users worldwide," Thomas Kwiedor concludes.

All information on 3D printing of permanent restorations from VarseoSmile Crown plus, the summary of the scientific studies conducted, the overview of compatible 3D printing system components and the possibility to order free VarseoSmile Crown plus test sample crowns can be found here.


* This symbol is a commercial designation/registered trademark of a company which is not part of the BEGO company group

The range of 3D printers for which VarseoSmile Crown <sup>plus</sup> and other 3D printing materials from BEGO are approved is growing continuously.
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VarseoSmile Crown plus ist das 3D-Druck-Material für sicheren, ästhetisch ansprechenden, schnellen und kostengünstigen permanenten Zahnersatz.
VarseoSmile Crown plus ist das 3D-Druck-Material für sicheren, ästhetisch ansprechenden, schnellen und kostengünstigen permanenten Zahnersatz.