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From now on, DIM analogues* for the BEGO Semados® implants of the lines SC, SCX, RS, RSX and RI as well as the MultiPlus interface are included in the BEGO Medical portfolio. In addition, one-piece abutments (CADAbut Full) are now manufactured for BioHorizons Internal* (Series 13.1).

3D printing of models for BEGO Semados® SC, SCX, RS, RSX and RI implants with Platform Switch (PS) design is now available. The required DIM analogues are stored in the 3Shape* and exocad* software and can be selected accordingly. The new features will be made available to you with an update. To receive this update, feel free to contact the BEGO Medical Customer Service Department at +49 421 2028-200 or your local sales representative.

In addition to the DIM analogues for the BEGO Semados® SC / SCX / RS / RSX / RI implants, the DIM analogues for the MultiPlus interface can be purchased through BEGO Medical. The following DIM-analogues can be ordered:

  • DIM-Analog RS/RSX 3.0 (REF 549320) 
  • DIM-Analog SC/SCX/RS/RSX/RI 3.25/3.75 (REF 549321) 
  • DIM-Analog SC/SCX/RS/RSX/RI 4.1 (REF 549322)  
  • DIM-Analog SC/SCX/RS/RSX/RI 4.5 (REF 549323)  
  • DIM-Analog SC/SCX/RS/RSX/RI 5.5 (REF 549324) 
  • DIM-Analog MultiPlus (REF 549528)

Additionally, you have the option to order the required 3D printed model and the prosthetic design for single tooth restorations from us. 

Furthermore, one-piece abutments compatible to BioHorizons Internal (Series 13.1) interfaces can now be manufactured by BEGO Medical in BEGO Titan Grade 5. The one-piece CADAbut Full Prosthetic abutments are available for the following diameters:

  • 3,0 mm
  • 3,5 mm
  • 4,5 mm
  • 5,7 mm

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by e-mail.


* This symbol is a commercial designation/registered trademark of a company, which is not part of the BEGO company group.

BEGO Medical now also offers DIM analogues for BEGO Semados® implants of the SC, SCX, RS, RSX and RI series as well as the MultiPlus interface. (Image © nt-trading)
Ab sofort bietet BEGO Medical auch DIM-Analoge für BEGO Semados® Implantate der Linien SC, SCX, RS, RSX und RI sowie die MultiPlus Schnittstelle. (Bild © nt-trading)